DGT 960 Pocket Timers

DGT 960 Pocket Digital Game Timers

DGT 960 Pocket Digital Game Timers

Just every so often a leading manufacturer of consistently praised products will exceed itself and conceive something exceptional that nails its brief and becomes an instant classic. The DGT 960 foldable chess clock is such a creation and it captivates all with chess in their soul.

Even without the special feature that lends it its name, the svelte DGT 960 is every millimetre of its diminutive dimensions the Mighty Mouse of bonus and delay capablility timers. With the press of the “960” button, more magic happens. Let your little companion randomly generate any Chess960 starting position, or key in the three-digit number of a favourite—it will know it. Then engage your opponent in a struggle where raw talent is king and rote learning is moot.

The DGT 960 in its latest black-red colour scheme is available from Gambit Chess Supplies either on its own or fittingly, as the timer included in the premier DGT Chess Starter Box Red.

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DGT Chess Starter Box Red (Pieces, Board, Trainer & 960)

Product no.: 10876

Fantastic value chess set in gift box containing pieces, folding board, Trainer CD and latest DGT 960 folding pocket timer


DGT 960 Black-Red Digital Chess Clock

Product no.: 10701

Latest version of DGT's famous bonus / delay folding pocket timer with unique Chess960 starting position randomiser