Professional Chess Clocks

Professional Digital Chess Clocks

Professional Digital Chess Clocks

In the pantheon of digital electronic chess clocks stand the models in the Professional category. As pinnacle products of their respective manufacturers they command considerable prestige in the highest of chess circles from the World Chess Federation FIDE through to all affiliated national chess peak bodies.

Virtually any time control scenario a player conceivably could require either common or unusual and across single or multiple time periods is possible with Professional category models by either the selection of popular inbuilt options or intuitive custom configuration. Memory slots for quick and simple recall of favourite configurations are available together with numerous other advanced features.

Professional player status of course is not required for ownership and many keen amateurs have treated themselves to or appreciated being gifted one of these top digital electronic chess clocks.


Features and timing methods of DGT professional digital chess clocks

Feature / Model 3000 LE 3000 2010 SG
Product Segment Professional
Connects to DGT e-Boards or Smart Boards -
Rocking lever move registration mechanism
Approved by World Chess Federation (FIDE)
Maximum number of players 2 2 2
Game Timer options
More than one time control (multi periods)
Indefinite time controls (repeating 2nd period) - -
Individual player time handicapping options
Time settings
Bonus settings
Delay settings
Bronstein delay (FIDE)
US delay (USCF) -
Byo-yomi options for Go or Baduk
Maximum time controls with Time settings 4 4 3
Maximum time controls with Bonus settings 4 4 4
Maximum time controls with Bronstein delay 4 4 4
Maximum time controls with US delay 4 4 -
Maximum time controls mixed systems 4 4 -
Scrabble® options
Gong options - -
Hourglass options - -
Move counter

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DGT Pi Electronic Chess Computer for DGT Smart Board

Product no.: 10750

Pro multiengine electronic chess computer & clock to Super GM level for Smart Board or e-Board + Australian AC plug converter

$549.00 *
In stock

DGT 3000 Limited Edition Digital Electronic Chess Clock

Product no.: 10988

DGT 25 year anniversary release of its flagship FIDE approved chess clock with exclusive wood grain effect plastic housing & black levers

$152.00 *
In stock

DGT 3000 FIDE Approved Digital Electronic Chess Clock

Product no.: 10888

The most sophisticated FIDE approved DGT chess clock yet with electronic chess board (Smart Board or e-Board) connectivity

$146.00 *
In stock

DGT 2010 Official FIDE Digital Electronic Chess Clock

Product no.: 10101

Latest blue-button Second Generation (SG) iteration of the official FIDE chess clock with improved memory function & options

$116.00 *
In stock

ECI “Silver” FIDE Approved Digital Electronic Chess Clock

Product no.: E410

Top tournament chess clock designed in Germany and certified by FIDE with big dual displays plus player-to-move indicator lamps

$112.00 *
In stock
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