Electronic Chess Boards

Electronic Chess Boards (e-Boards)

Electronic Chess Boards (e-Boards)

Electronic chess boards or e-Boards are the versatile high-end members of the electronic chess computer family. Modular by design, e-Boards may be configured and operated in multiple ways depending on the hardware and software options chosen. Typically they feature full tournament sized chess boards and pieces employing Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies for the most natural of auto-sensory playing experiences together with automatic piece recognition.

For over 20 years the official equipment of the World Chess Federation FIDE, DGT e-Boards have PC interfaces to record games, play against engines, play online, broadcast internet games and more. Adding a DGT Pi chess computer further creates one of the strongest dedicated chess machines.

Gambit Chess Supplies stocks a select range of popular DGT e-Board configurations and options plus carrying and storage solutions to protect your most special of electronic chess investments.

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DGT Electronic Chess Smart Board Indices

Product no.: 11005-11013-11007

Plastic auto-sensory tournament electronic chess board with piece recognition, indices, weighted pieces & Windows PC connection kit

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