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Chess Sets, Boards & Pieces

Chess Sets, Boards & Pieces

Until 1849, most chess sets were elaborate and abstract affairs that not only appear curious to modern eyes, but also frequently induced frustration amongst chess players of the time. It was in that year a breakthrough occurred when English newspaper editor Nathaniel Cook patented an elegant yet simple design. Cook asked leading chess master Howard Staunton to endorse the design in his regular column. Over 160 years on, what came to be called the Staunton pattern king, queen, rook, bishop, knight and pawn remain ever popular.

Gambit Chess Supplies stocks a quality range of chess sets, chess pieces and chess boards featuring classic Staunton design and made of durable plastic or luxurious wood.

A comprehensive range of digital and mechanical analogue chess clocks is also available, from which can be chosen a suitable model to complement your new or present chess set.