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Millennium Karpov Chess School Electronic Chess Computer

Product no.: M806

Educational talking press-sensory tabletop electronic chess set with fast processor, backlit screen and training booklet for social players

$109.00 *
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DGT Chess Trainer CD (45 Lessons, 1900 Exercises, Fritz 12)

Product no.: 10769

Comprehensive PC chess training software package with 45 lessons, 1900 exercises, Fritz 12 & 100 days premium access

$51.95 *
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DGT Chess Starter Box Blue (Pieces, Board & Trainer)

Product no.: 10875

Select educational chess set in gift box with weighted pieces, folding board & Trainer CD with 45 lessons, 1900 exercises, Fritz 12 & more

$47.95 *
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Deck of 52 Classic Chess Openings Memory Playing Cards

Product no.: COC01

Special chess player deck of 52 playing cards with each featuring a classic chess opening for learning and memorisation

$5.95 *
✔ In stock
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