Chess e-Boards

Electronic Chess Boards (e-Boards)

Electronic Chess Boards (e-Boards)

Long the gold standard for chess players, the reknowned DGT e-Board has for many years transformed personal computers into state-of-the-art chess stations by affording a natural way to record games, play online, play against chess engines, or broadcast internet games.

And now with the release of the remarkable DGT Pi chess computer for DGT e-Boards, once again it is also possible for old warriors and new generations alike to experience the joys of owning and challenging a supremely powerful and superbly engineered electronic chess computer in its most elevated form—auto-sensory, piece recognition, luxury wood.

Gambit Chess Supplies stocks a select range of attractive DGT e-Board and piece set options together with the DGT Pi chess computer, the DGT 3000 chess clock and choices of quality storage solutions to protect your most special of electronic chess investments.