Privacy Policy

Gambit Chess Supplies respects customer privacy and adheres to the highest ethical standards in the safeguarding of information it is entrusted with. No personal details will be given to third parties without customer consent.

When placing an order via the site or by other means such as e-mail or telephone, a customer is asked to provide only the minimum of personal information needed for Gambit Chess Supplies to efficiently fulfil the order.

Gambit Chess Supplies observes the principle of customer choice concerning site user registration. Accordingly, a customer is able to place an order without also needing to register as a site user, if so desired.

While registration as a site user is not mandatory, it permits a customer to enter information once, access order history and update any personal details as required. Some other site features are also available to site users.

An existing customer who is not also a registered site user can at any time ask Gambit Chess Supplies to create a site user profile from prior order data. This helps ensure that customer and site user information is synchronised.

The site user registration process uses the double opt-in security method, whereby a new user receives an e-mail after completing the registration form. After clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail, the registration is activated.