Insa Olympiad Analogue Chess Clock Plastic Case Black

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Serbian-made and Olympiad-pedigreed quiet mechanical analogue chess clock with 15 second increments for last minute in black plastic case

Gambit Chess Supplies takes time seriously and it would be almost inconceivable for the Insa not to be represented amongst the best mechanical analogue chess clocks in the world. Were chess clocks cars, the Insa very much would be a “hot hatch” sports model.

Conceived and produced in Belgrade especially for the 29th Chess Olympiad held in Novi Sad 1990 and to showcase four decades of the Insa clock industry, the Insa 1990 Olympiad chess clocks remain in production to the delight of traditionalists and have stood the test of time literally and figuratively for over a quarter of a century.

They are one of the quietest mechanical analogue chess clocks due to their precision mechanisms and their considered design details including large and well-placed buttons that are less audible than those of other chess clocks. The striking black and white scheme of the clear clock faces makes time assessment effortless. Insa's innovative flag handles scrambles elegantly with 15 second increments for the last minute.



Size: 187 x 100 x 55 mm

Material: Plastic

Colour: Black

EAN code: 4014156046818

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