Mephisto Travel Chess Electronic Chess Computer

Mephisto Travel Chess Electronic Chess Computer

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Slim & stylish peg-sensory portable electronic chess set with wide range of levels & instructive coaching features for social players

The Mephisto Travel Chess is the smallest and lightest portable chess computer with physical pieces and a sensory board. Intended for beginning to intermediate players wanting to learn more about the game and also its time controls systems almost anywhere, it has a rich feature set beyond that usually associated with such a small chess computer.

Regular functionality includes the ability to retract and replay up to 14 moves, change sides, obtain hints, verify positions, interrupt searches and more. Additionally it features a built-in chess clock, an openings coach, 64 levels and 11 extended teach modes giving 768 permutations for experimentation.

An unfinished game can be held in memory for later resumption and an automatic power down feature conserves battery life while retaining the position and other configuration data. Thoughtful ergonomic touches include a storage area for captured pieces and a translucent blue protective cover to positively retain your position when travelling.


Program Features

64 playing levels: Fun, Casual, Blitz, Bronstein, Bonus Timer, Tournament, Fixed Depth and Tactical

16 stored opening systems

14-move take back - experiment and learn

11 teach modes - learning made easy


Other General Features

Sensory chess board - easy error free move entry

Peg pieces - secure

4-Digit LCD display

Built-in chess clock - sharpen your skills

Protective cover for your travels

Piece storage compartment

Unfinished game held in memory - pick up where you left off

Automatic power down feature - conserve battery life

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)



Unit size: 176 x 100 x 35 mm

Sensory board size: 72 x 72 mm

Sensory board square size: 9 x 9 mm

LCD display size: 18 x 9 mm

King height: 6 mm

EAN code: 0021165103016


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Mephisto Travel Chess Electronic Chess Computer CH03

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