Millennium Karpov Chess School Electronic Chess Computer

Millennium Karpov Chess School Electronic Chess Computer

Product no.: M804
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Fast press-sensory tabletop electronic chess and games set with speech ability and 87-page training booklet for social players

Millennium in Germany has now made its Karpov Schachschule (Karpov Chess School) 8-in-1 chess computer available to the English speaking market. It is the fastest, strongest and most power efficient talking chess computer in its class bar none.

With a 25% faster processor than in other brand tabletop models and a strength exceeding 1450 ELO, the Karpov Chess School can speak in well-enunciated English or German. A unique 87-page training booklet to complement the product manual (both in English) makes for a classy package.

As well as chess the computer plays seven other classic strategy games, each with ten skill levels that make it ideal also for intelligent family fun. Full sets of chess and game pieces are included, held in a built-in storage compartment.

Millennium chess computers are designed in Europe and officially endorsed by the successor to Bobby Fischer, world chess champion Anatoly Karpov.


Chess Program Features

30 main levels (15 Timed Move, 10 Timed Game, 1 Analysis, 4 Fun)

5 "mini-chess" modes to help beginners learn how to play in stages

Observes all rules including castling / en passant / pawn promotion

Help function can indicate legal moves in a position for beginners

Optional teaching feature can warn of mistakes and provide advice

Computer can be made to play against itself if desired

Hint function asks computer to suggest a move

Optional Rated Mode simulates play under tournament conditions

Computer can calculate opponent's strength on ELO rating scale

5 playing styles (Normal, Active, Aggressive, Very Passive, Passive)

100 built-in exercises where computer scores ability to find best move

Large built-in openings library of approximately 7000 halfmoves

Computer evaluation of a position can be displayed on request

Computer thinking can be interrupted to make best move found

Recognises draws by 3-fold repetition / 50-move rule / stalemate

Solves mate-in-2 and mate-in-3 problems

10 built-in mate-in-2 problems for practice

Take back or replay up to 8 moves for each side

Change sides and / or reverse board at any time

Referee mode allows playing both sides or playing against a friend

Positions can be set up for computer to analyse


Other Strategy Games

Plays 7 other classic strategy games (Checkers / Draughts, Reversi, Four-in-a-Row, Fox and Geese, Grasshopper / Halma, Nim, Northcote's game) with 10 skill levels for each


Other General Features

25% faster processor than standard tabletop models for premium performance

2 selectable languages (English or German) with speech capabilities for chess

Fully sensory playing board with (non-illuminated) LCD board and message area

Magnetised chess and game pieces with convenient built-in piece storage compartment

10 LCD screen contrast settings

3 sound volume settings with option to toggle sound on or off

Automatic power off if game is unattended for longer battery life

Positions held in memory when switched off for continuation later

Requires 3 x AA batteries (included)



Unit size: 253 x 180 x 25 mm

Sensory board size: 144 x 144 mm

Sensory board square size: 18 x 18 mm

LCD screen size: 40 x 46 mm

LCD board size: 40 x 40 mm

LCD board square size: 5 x 5 mm

Chess king height: 32 mm

Game piece diameter: 14 mm

EAN code: 4032153008011

Product Manual Download

Millennium Karpov Chess School Electronic Chess Computer M804

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